What’s Special about Puglia?

What’s Special about Puglia? If you’re looking for the best part of Puglia to peruse for your next Italy tours, there’s no doubt that you’ll be interested in paying a visit to Apulia. Better known as Puglia to non-Italian speakers, this region is the place to be if you’re looking to enjoy a more laid-back, traditional Italian vacation.

So, what’s special about Puglia? And why is Puglia worth visiting? Let’s take a closer look into some of the reasons why a whole host of tourists consider tours around Puglia to be some of the best Italian getaways.

Why visit Puglia?

Simply put, Puglia is a place full of things to see and do. If you decide to come and stay in any of the Puglia regions in Italy, from Bari to Brindisi, you’ll find that there’s so much on offer. From visiting the Salento vineyards and wineries, to simply enjoying the atmosphere as you learn more about the Puglian lifestyle; there’s a lot to love about Apulia. 

Overall, Italy Puglia is well known for being a quaint and charming destination, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of opportunities to have a more exciting Puglian tour if that’s what you would prefer.

What to do in Puglia

You’ll find that there is a broad range of things to enjoy in this part of Italy; from relaxing at the seaside, to trying traditional foods. Here are just a couple of ideas for things you could do in Apulia, Italy:

  • Explore the culture and history Puglia – Wherever you go, you’re often going to find that you’ll have a chance to see what makes Puglia so special, whether it’s the laid-back attitude of the locals or the medieval architecture
  • Discover the unique beauty of Alberobello – Thanks to the Trulli huts, this village has become one of the most popular Puglia destinations, with an atmosphere unlike any other part of the region
  • Enjoy the coastal way of life – At seaside towns like Ostuni and Gallipoli, you’ll find that losing yourself in the Puglian lifestyle and relaxing at sunny beaches is so easy to do

Overall, there are plenty of things that help to make Apulia such an incredible place for a vacation. If you’ve been wondering what’s special about Puglia, we hope that these three points can give you an idea of some of the most popular aspects of the region.

What to see in Puglia

On a similar note, when it comes to sightseeing in the Puglia regions, we’d encourage you to check out landmarks like:

  • Basilica San Nicola
  • Caste del Monte
  • Direzione Regionale Musei
  • Grotte di Casrtellana
  • Olivetani Monastery

Where is Puglia Italy?

Located on the heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia is a coastal region in the south-eastern tip of the country. It has the longest coastline of any mainland Italian region, despite often being overlooked by areas like the Amalfi Coast. On the plus side though, this has helped to keep Apulia one of the country’s best-hidden gems for those interested in a more laid-back vacation.

Where to stay in Puglia

With so many excellent Puglia destinations, you may find it hard to pick the ideal location to base yourself for your trip. In our opinion, Bari is often one of the best places to stay. On the Puglia Italy map, there are two main airports, the biggest one of the two being in Bari (the Bari Puglia Airport, officially known as the Karol Wojtyla Airport). Because of this, most people who visit the region will start off in this city.

Whether you’re interested in fine wine or a stunning Puglia beach, Italy tours in Bari are generally worth taking into consideration.

Interested in visiting Puglia Italy with our team?

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