Everything You Need to Know Before Your Holiday in Puglia

Everything You Need to Know Before Your Holiday in Puglia

If you’re considering where to go for your next Italian getaway, you might want to consider taking a look into what the region of Puglia has in store for you. From the stunning coastline, to the interesting history; there’s no end to the wonders that are on offer!

Despite the fact that this area is so amazing, it’s quite the hidden gem when compared to other parts of Italy – and as a result, choosing to stop by for a holiday here is sure to give you an experience that is unlike anywhere else in the world.

6 things you may not know about Puglia

There is so much to fall in love with in this beautiful Italian region, most of which goes unnoticed by many of those who travel to other parts of the country for their holidays. There’s no harm in learning a little more about some of the things that makes this spot so breath taking, so here is just a small selection of interesting facts that may help you to decide that this destination is perfect for your next trip:

1: It’s most famous for producing olive oil

Believe it or not, it isn’t the magnificent coastline, the authentic Italian charm, or the rich history that this part of Italy is actually known for – although we’re sure that you’ll agree that all of these things make it an excellent place to visit! For the most part, it’s actually famous for its production and quality of olive oil. Not only is it delicious (perhaps because of the traditional techniques, or the fact that the olives here are just so tasty), but it also provides the majority of Italy’s olive oil with roughly 300,000 tonnes each year, making it about 40% of the country’s total.

2: Is it called Apulia or Puglia?

You’ve probably heard one of these two names if you’re looking for information on this incredible location – but what is its actual name? Technically it’s both; Apulia is simply the English version, but you might prefer to use the latter since it’s what the locals use. Either way, it’s the same wonderful place no matter what you call it.

3: It has the largest coastline in mainland Italy

You may have heard that there are some stunning beaches here, but did you know that the majority of the country’s lower coastline belongs to Apulia? It’s the fact that it’s situated on the “heel of the boot” as most people call it, as this gives it 800km of coast – perfect for those who are looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday by the beach, underneath the warm Mediterranean sun.

4: It’s becoming increasingly popular for its wine

Tuscany has long been known as the “wine region” of Italy, although this doesn’t mean that it’s the only part of the country where you can get a good beverage – and Apulia is an excellent example of this. Not only is it the largest producer of wine, but its regional grape varieties also create some truly magnificent and unique tasting drinks that any connoisseur is likely to want to try for themselves.

5: The Mycenaean Greeks were the first to colonise the land

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the history of wars and invasions in Apulia is both rich and extensive, after all this is one of the county’s most archaeologically interesting places. From the Romans to the Normans, countless empires have fought for control. Fortunately for those interested in the ancient side of Puglia, there were countless artefacts left behind for you to appreciate; from several medieval castles, to a Roman amphitheatre. You can see so many remnants of the past here, to the point where Greko (a variation of Greek) is still spoken in some parts of Salento.

6: There are many sunny days

If you’re looking to spend a relaxing holiday in a beautiful location that also offers a warm and comfortable climate for you to enjoy as you explore and take in the wonders of the areas you visit, you’ll be glad to hear that Apulia has plenty of sunshine to brighten up your trip. Each year, there are more than 300 days of sun, so you’re likely to have the chance to see the good weather for yourself.

Places to explore in Puglia


As the capital of the region, Bari is an incredible city that is often overlooked by tourists. However, since it’s home to one of the two main airports that are located in this part of Italy, most do actually pay a visit – if only for a short while!

If you want to see why Bari is so special, you may want to take the time to check out the port, or perhaps visit the ancient part of this destination that isn’t as well known among sightseers if you’re interested in immersing yourself in the past. With this in mind, there are many hidden gems here that you just can’t miss out on exploring, like Torre Guaceto (a protected marine area and wildlife preserve) for example.


This is one of the better known parts of Puglia and because of this, it generally enjoys the most tourism. You shouldn’t let this stop you from partaking in the beauty that this town has to offer though.

The whole of Alberobello is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the many amazing trulli huts that were built here (small limestone huts, built using prehistoric techniques). The exact history of them is unknown, but there are quite a few theories about how they came to exist. These can’t be found anywhere else in the world outside of Italy, so a street full of trulli is well worth seeing in person.


The Salento Peninsula is located on the very south of the region and is home to some of Apulia’s most stunning towns; from Otranto, to Lecce. For this reason alone, you likely won’t want to miss out on exploring the wonders of Salento.

Due to its location, it also has a variety of beaches too (some of which are considered to be the best in this part of Italy), so it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re hoping to spend your holiday on the soft sand by clear waters. It’s certainly one way to make the most of the numerous days of sun Puglia enjoys!


Ostuni is one of the most iconic areas in Apulia, thanks to its many white washed homes. You could easily get lost in the maze of white structures as you take in the beauty of the streets and wander through the city.

Aside from this, there’s also the wonderful old town of Ostuni, the incredible landmarks (like the Civic Museums, or Ostuni Cathedral) and more that makes visiting this place worthy of a spot on your bucket list.


The city of Brindisi is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and just like everywhere else here, you’re likely to find that there is so much history for you to immerse yourself in. Once, it was crucial to the Italian people because of its strategic position, natural port and its general role in trading with other countries (the port is still in use today, commonly trading with the Middle East and Greece).

There’s a lot to love about this city; from the delicious wines produced here, to its simply awe-inspiring archaeology. One thing that you’re certain to want to experience is one of the festivals that are held here, such as the Feast of San Teodoro, or the day of Corpus Christi.

Things you should plan to see during your stay

After reading about a few of the cities, you may have noticed that there are a number of great landmarks to be discovered. Some of the ones you’ll want to appreciate include:

  • Grotte di Castellana
  • Basilica di Santa Croce
  • Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Taranto
  • Castel del Monte
  • San Cataldo Cathedral
  • The Trulli
  • Otranto Cathedral
  • Basilica di San Nicola

The ones we’ve mentioned here are just a few suggestions of many interesting things to see and do.

Commonly asked questions

Is Puglia safe?

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to travelling. Fortunately, this is an incredibly safe location, with most of the people here being friendly and welcoming Italian locals.

Do you need to rent a car?

Often, renting out a vehicle makes it far easier to explore and discover the beauty of the region, as well as the countless breathtaking Puglia sights you can see on scenic drives on panoramic coastal roads. 

When’s the best time to visit Puglia?

If you’re hoping to come to Apulia for a holiday when it’s at its hottest, be sure to come in July or August. One of the best times of all to visit is during the spring, since the weather is often warmer, there tends to be less tourists and the colours are just beautiful.

Where can I find cheap flights to Puglia?

Typically, the best thing you can do is take the time to put in some research; look out for deals and see what different companies have to offer. After comparing a few, you’re likely to have a better idea of which flight you’ll want to take.

Are Puglia tours worth it?

If you want to get the most from your time here, you may have come across tour companies. While you may not have used tour itineraries for your holiday before (many haven’t!), it can certainly be worthwhile to do so. Here are a few reasons why it might be beneficial for you to visit with one.

What can Travel Puglia do for you? 

Our team is passionate about providing our guests with the very best experience of Apulia possible – and since many come back for more, we’re confident that we’ll be able to give you the trip you deserve.

We’ll take care of scheduling everything, so you can just relax and go with the flow, taking in all the wonders that are on offer. All you need to do is choose one of our itineraries, as we have quite a few to ensure that our guests have the option to pick out their perfect holiday. From a trip dedicated to visiting the ancient towns of the region, to a Puglia adventure schedule; we’re certain that you’ll find something that’s just right for you.

We’ll also sort out your accommodation, your meals and more; giving you the time you need to properly unwind and enjoy your stay. These are just a couple of things that make a trip with Travel Puglia special, so don’t pass up on the opportunity to get the very best out of your holiday in this part of Italy.

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