Where’s the Perfect Place to Stay for a Holiday in Puglia?

Where’s the Perfect Place to Stay for a Holiday in Puglia?

Hoping to spend some time in this beautiful part of Italy? If so, there’s a lot that you’ll need to consider before your trip. Of course, knowing what you’re going to do during your stay can be incredibly important if you want to ensure that you make the most out of your Puglian adventure, but it’s also important to consider where you’re going to be staying, too.

As you read on, you’ll get a better idea of why it’s imperative to find the right location – and our expert advice on where might be best for you to stay during your time here (and how essentially anyone can find the right place for their holidays in Puglia) can prove invaluable.

Why can it be so important to pick the right place?

In most cases, the location can make a huge difference to your time here. The decision shouldn’t just be based on the wider area that you’re hoping to stay in, but rather the specific location and the amenities of the property and locality.

Since driving is often one of the best ways to get around, it’s generally wise to pick a town or city that’s close to everything that you’re hoping to see and do in the region overall. Having an idea of local landmarks and facilities that you want to visit for a well-balanced trip, and the time it will take to reach them, can be worthwhile.

We have compiled the following as a helpful guide.

Immerse yourself in the authentic charm of Puglia

  • Salento
  • Ostuni
  • Fasano

Staying in a masseria or a trullo during your trip might be the best bet if this is the kind of holiday you want – and the three locations mentioned above could be the ideal spots for you to stay in. These are all towns that are known for their traditional Puglian charm, as well as just generally being beautiful locations to explore. The countryside, scenery, authentic Italian streets and more are just spectacular, which is why these could be ideal for anyone who really wants to get to know the Puglian lifestyle.

Enjoy the beauty of the many wonderful beaches

  • Barletta
  • Monopoli
  • Polignano a Mare

Aside from the traditional aspects of the region, the most attractive asset of this part of Italy is the shoreline. If you’re interested in soaking up the sun in style, you should definitely look into your options about staying in one of the towns mentioned above. All three of these areas are absolutely beautiful and have an amazing coastline that could be perfect for you during your stay, giving you the chance to relax and enjoy the smell of the sea, clean beaches and amazing weather.

Get to know the amazing cities within Puglia

  • Bari
  • Brindisi
  • Lecce

Few people take the time to revel in the beauty of the region’s cities, with the ones listed above being a prime example of excellent locations that are often overlooked. If you’d like to see some great sites and landmarks, explore areas like the old towns of the cities and much more, it could be well worth spending some time in these areas during your stay.

Take a step back in time in time (or at least feel like you have)

  • Alberobello
  • Otranto
  • Taranto

Anybody who is hoping to immerse themselves in the beauty of the region’s historic towns with ancient architecture should certainly make a point of staying in one these destinations. Whether you want to visit some museums to learn a little more about the past, or you want to feel like you’re in it and enjoy the historic atmosphere and scenery, you’ll find that there is so much to love about areas like Alberobello, Otranto and Taranto.

Enjoy the wonders of nature and/or hike


  • Foggia
  • Apuan Alps
  • Valle d’Itria

Locations like the Dauni Mountains and the Gargano National Park make the province of Foggia an excellent place to see Puglian nature in all its glory, while the Apuan Alps is an amazing mountain range that you could stay in and explore during your trip. Valle d’Itria on the other hand has a beautiful extended valley, with a landscape that looks like it came straight from a fairy tale. To put it simply, these are some of the best places to go for hikes or for simply taking in the beauty of nature.

Not sure on what to choose? It might be worth coming on one of our Puglian tours

To give you the best chance of seeing everything that’s on offer, we’ve carefully crafted our itineraries to ensure that every moment of your trip is special. We often plan our trips to have everything a guest could ask for, which is why we have quite a few different tours on offer. This gives you the chance to pick a holiday that will best suit your needs, without having to go through the process of planning it all yourself and doing any work while visiting. Let us take you across the region and introduce you to all of the many wonders – we’re sure that you won’t leave disappointed.

Our team at Travel Puglia puts in the effort, whether that’s providing luxurious accommodation or the many different places we’ll take you to during your stay. Because of this and a whole lot more, it’s certainly worth considering checking out our services and booking a holiday to Puglia in 2021.

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