What Makes the Region of Puglia so Incredible?

What Makes the Region of Puglia so Incredible?

Apulia, more commonly known as Puglia, is special for a variety of reasons – and the fact that not many tourists visit the region only makes it a better option for those who want to escape the flood of tourists and explore the more traditional and cultural beauty of Italy.

Some may think that Puglia isn’t a popular tourist destination because it just isn’t as interesting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The stunning architecture and incredible beaches are just a part of Puglia’s beauty – and there’s much more for you to fall in love with in this part of the world.

Why don’t more people spend their vacations in Puglia?

Those who are searching for the perfect locations for Italian getaways may overlook Puglia for the fact that it’s not commonly suggested by tour guides and holidaymakers – but this is a big mistake. The only reason why the region isn’t more commonly visited is simply because its beauty and potential haven’t been fully recognized. If more tourists did know about everything that Puglia has to offer, it would surely be as popular as regions like Lazio, Tuscany, and Veneto.

Puglia is actually more popular among Italians who are looking for a nice and quiet part of the country for them to enjoy their own summer vacations. So, if you’re hoping to avoid tourists and learn more about the real Italian way of life, this could be the destination for you.

Unfortunately, the region is beginning to gain more traction and it may not take too long for it to become a tourist hotspot – so you may want to book some time away while it’s still quiet.

What is there to see and do in Puglia?

For the most part, the beauty of the region lies in its culture and natural beauty – but what else does Puglia has to offer?

Well, it has one of the longest coastlines out of all the Italian regions, meaning that there are plenty of incredible beaches here for you to enjoy. While Italy’s not typically famous for these types of holidays, you would certainly love to spend some time chilling out by the sea.

Many come for the cuisine, and while Puglian food is incredible, it should always be accompanied by a bottle of wine for a more authentic experience. There are a number of great vineyards located in the region, and well known wines like Fiano and Salice Salentino Rosso are produced here.

You could also take the time to do a little hiking in Puglia. Those who want an exciting adventure will surely love the chance to explore all the beauty that’s on offer.

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