What Can Make a Trip to Puglia Special?

What Can Make a Trip to Puglia Special?

Are you booking a vacation to Puglia in 2021? If so, you probably know that this region has so much to offer. Whether it’s the culture and tradition or the fantastic food and wine, there are quite a few things that you could enjoy here. With this in mind, it’s obvious that Puglia is a great destination for Italian getaways, but anyone who chooses to come here will need to plan their trip to get the most out of their experience.

The good news is that our team here at Travel Puglia can give you a couple of ideas for things that will truly make your trip special, as well as our own tours in this part of Italy that can take care of the hard work for you. Whether you choose to make your own way through the region or you decide to come on one of our world-class guided tours of Puglia Italy, it’s well worth finding out more about some of the things that could take your vacations in Puglia to the next level.

Pay a visit to some of the region’s most iconic towns

There are simply so many beautiful places that you might want to explore during your trip. Ostuni, Polignano a Mare, Alberobello, Lecce… the list goes on – and to put it simply, this is the reason why it’s well worth taking some time to learn more about the towns that you could check out. We certainly recommend the ones mentioned above, as well as areas like Otranto and Manduria, too.

This can also present a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the tradition, culture, and Puglian lifestyle, which is just another aspect that you won’t want to miss out on during your trip.

Enjoy the fine cuisine and wines of Puglia

Italy is well known for wine and tasty traditional foods, and much like the rest of Italy, Puglia has so much in store for any foodies and wine connoisseurs out there. Be sure to visit some Salento vineyards and wineries, or trattorias and restaurants – you won’t be disappointed by what you’ll find. The best part is that you can enjoy these wherever you travel to in the region.

Go on a Puglia hiking trip

While not for everybody, the beautiful scenery and treks of the region make it a perfect place for anyone who wants to get closer to nature and enjoy some absolutely incredible views. There are some more complex hiking routes, but also a range of simpler ones if you’d like a more relaxed walk. If you want the best hiking Puglia Italy has to offer, it might be worth paying a visit to the Gargano Peninsula.

Make your own Puglian adventure

One of the best things about Puglia is that there are so many things on offer, giving you the chance to enjoy your trip in a way that suits your needs. If you’re interested in trying new foods, do that! Fancy a spot of hiking in Puglia? There are a number of places that could be ideal for a hike! With a whole host of sights, activities, and more, you can truly have an incredible experience that is unique to you.

What do our tours of Puglia include?

When you go on a trip with Travel Puglia, you’ll find that everything will be taken care of in advance. We’ve got transport and accommodation prepared and ready for guests, so there’s really no need to worry about where to stay in Puglia, or how you’re going to get around the region.

We’ve also planned out an itinerary for you too, meaning that you won’t even need to worry about organizing your trip. Plus, with a few different tours to choose from, you’ll be able to do exactly what you’re interested in.

As you can see from just a few examples of what we offer, there’s quite a lot that we can do for you – and if you’re interested in finding out more about our guided tours of Puglia, from our prices to the finer details, you can always check our website or get in touch with our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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