Top 5 Wineries and Vineyards in Puglia

Top 5 Wineries and Vineyards in Puglia

Wine tours in Puglia have the potential to be absolutely incredible, thanks to the many outstanding wines produced here, excellent wineries, and the general beauty of this Italian region.

If you take a look at a Puglia wine map, you’ll see that this destination has a lot to offer. In fact, you’ll find some exquisite varieties and wineries pretty much anywhere you go; from Ostuni, to Brindisi. With this in mind, you might be wondering what your options are and where you should plan to go on your Puglia wine tours.

Top 5 wineries and vineyards in Puglia

To help give you a better idea of some of the areas you might be interested in visiting, we thought we’d make a quick list of the best spots to go for wine tours in Puglia. While there are a variety of great choices, we whittled it down to just five.

  1. Antica Enotria

 Once a ruined farm, Antica Enotria was restored by Raffaele di Tuccio and his family – which was certainly the right move when you consider that they’ve been running a successful vineyard here for decades. Part of its success may be due to the optimal conditions for growth between the Adriatic sea and the hillside. To make the site even better, the scenery around the winery is absolutely breathtaking.

If you’re looking for a more traditional vineyard and excellent wine-tasting opportunities, this is the place to be.

  1. Mottura

If you want the best wine tour Puglia has to offer, a trip to Mottura in Salento should definitely be on the bucket list for your Puglian adventure.

A beautiful 150-hectare vineyard, this winery has been producing some fantastic varieties of wines for 4 generations, with a current focus on fusing modern practices with the traditionally used local grapes. While you’re here, be sure to pick up a bottle of Le Pitre and Villa Mottura.

  1. Rosa del Golfo

Another excellent winery on the Salento Peninsula is Rosa del Golfo. The family has quite a few quality bottles, such as the award-winning rosé wine, Rosato de Salento. This is a firm favorite, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to try some of their other varieties too, you won’t regret it!

If you’re planning on visiting Puglia in 2021, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to check out Rosa del Golfo (and while you’re there, why not peruse some of the other great Salento vineyards?).

  1. Tormaresca

One of the most well known wineries in the region is Tormaresca. This particular winery is situated on one of the region’s most iconic wine routes, and offers a unique blend that essentially anyone can enjoy.

An interesting fact about this winery is that the family who own is also have a restaurant in Lecce, so if you’re in the area, you could also taste some traditional delicacies alongside the wine (and as you can imagine, the family create dishes that work exceptionally well with their vintages).

  1. Castel di Salve

Finally, we’d like to introduce you to Castel di Salve, a winery established in 1885 that’s still going strong thanks to excellent production practices and strong family traditions. This vineyard has quite an impressive lineup with 10 different labels, and has plenty of fantastic reds, whites, and rosé wines to choose from. One bonus of visiting this particular winery is that it’s not too far away from the Maldives of Salento, which is ideal for anyone visiting during warmer weather.

If you’re a fan of quality wine and days by the beach, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Castel di Salve on your vacations in Puglia.

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