Top 5 Places to Visit On the Puglia Map

Top 5 Places to Visit On the Puglia Map

If you take a look at a map of Puglia Italy, especially one that highlights the different locations and landmarks, you might notice that there are quite a few different options available to you. Fortunately, our team here at Travel Puglia is here to show you a few of the best places to go on the Puglia map, as well as ideas outside of the region.

  1. The town of Alberobello

The Alberobello Trulli are certainly one of the most iconic landmarks of Apulia Italy. With this in mind, almost anyone spending vacations in Puglia will want to visit these special pieces of architecture. While this is one of the most tourist dense parts of the region, the ancient Trulli huts certainly draw in the crowds for good reason. There are a few other things that you could do here too, like:

  • Learn a little more about the Puglian lifestyle
  • Visit one of the great eateries in the area
  • Stop by one of the beautiful sites, like the Sant’Antonio Church

Even with all this, the Trulli houses are still one of the most prominent features of this beautiful little town.

  • Beaches in Bari Italy

While there’s a long stretch of coastline and a wide variety of great beaches, many visitors will find that some of the best beaches in Puglia are in Bari. The main airport is located here, as well as a number of places to stay, so it’s often easy enough to get off the plane and enjoy your holiday with little travel. Here are a few of the beaches that you’re going to want to visit during your Puglian adventure:

  • Lungomare Imperatore Augusto
  • Mola Di Bari Beach
  • Pane e Pomodoro Beach

There are plenty of other ones that you might want to check out too, like the beaches Otranto has to offer.

  • Visit the “White City”

Another iconic destination that you might want to pay a visit to during your vacations in Puglia is Ostuni. Also known as the White City, the Ostuni Puglia map is home to a variety of interesting things to see and do, and is overall just one of the most beautiful Puglia destinations. Here are a few options that make this area such a great spot on any Puglian itinerary:

  • Take a stroll around the town and enjoy the architecture
  • See the landscapes and scenery that Ostuni has to offer
  • Fantastic foods from traditional Italian restaurants
  • Take a sip of wine at the Salento vineyards

Salento may be one of the most beautiful parts of Italy Puglia, but those who visit this particular area are often more interested in the wineries that are situated here. When you consider the fantastic varieties that are produced yearly, it’s not hard to see why Salento wine tours are so popular. If you plan to visit Puglia for wine tasting, this is the place to be. Here are a few bottles that you might be interested in trying for yourself:

  • Botter Verso Rosso Salento
  • Cosimo Taurino Patriglione Rosso Salento
  • Tenute Rubino ‘Oltrene’ Susumaniello Salento

You can often find out more about the grapes used by taking a look at a Salento Puglia map that details the wines that the region is famous for.

  • The Basilicata region of Italy

While not exactly in Puglia, it’s close by and well worth checking out if you’re looking to see more of Italy during your trip. If you want a little more info on what’s on offer, it might be worth looking at a map of Basilicata Italy. While best known for its ancient pork sausage recipe, the Lucanica di Picerno,  and for Pane di Matera bread, food isn’t the only thing that you’ll get to enjoy in Basilicata. Out of everything on the Basilicata map, we’d suggest:

  • Exploring the capital city of Matera
  • Relaxing at one of the beaches at Maratea
  • Seeing the many interesting sites at Little Pompeii

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at some of the most prominent places on the Puglia map and a few extra options, we hope that you’ve got a better idea of the places that you might want to visit during your Italian getaways.

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