The Best Museums, Galleries and Historic Areas in Apulia

The Best Museums, Galleries and Historic Areas in Apulia

Want to get to know the fascinating past of Puglia before you come for a visit? If so, it might be worth planning your trip around seeing some of the many fantastic historic sites and landmarks during your stay. Also known as Apulia, you’ll find that there’s no shortage to the amazing places you could go – allowing you to plan out a trip that will best suit your unique wants and needs.

To help you out, our team of regional experts here at Travel Puglia have put together a collection of the places that we think anyone should add to their bucket list of things to see and do on their Italian getaways. From theatres, to museums with collections of ancient relics from times long gone; there’s so much just waiting for you to explore during your Puglian adventure.

4 sites you just HAVE to visit in Apulia

Corrado Giaquinto

Host to a stunning collection of Puglian art from the Middle ages to contemporary times, this site is perfect for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the artistic side of the region. It’s located on the top floor of Bari’s Palazzo della Provincia (Provincial Palace) and because of this, you’ll find that there are some absolutely breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding area. This landmark offers views, art and history – which in a location like Apulia, is something you just can’t miss. Some of the most famous artists who have works here include:

  • Corrado Giaquinto (which is the artist the site is named after)
  • Giovanni Bellini
  • Jacopo Tintoretto
  • Paolo Veronese

Giuseppe De Nittis Picture Gallery

Located in Barletta, this 16th century palazzo is home to some fantastic pieces of art from Giuseppe De Nittis, who was born right here in this town in 1846 and went on to become a world-famous artist. His work was a major exponent of 19th century European art – and you can see some of the amazing works produced by him right here in this part of Puglia. His works combined the styles of Salon and Impressionism, and is something that you are certain to want to see for yourself.

Some of the most notable pieces here include Breakfast in the Garden, Snow Effect and his own self-portrait – and there are several more that you are bound to want to see.

Museo dell’Alto Tavoliere (MAT)

If you’re looking for a museum with an extensive range of archaeological items, as well as amazing examples of modern and contemporary art, it might be worth paying a visit to San Severo’s municipal museum – Museo dell’Alto Tavoliere.

Many of the artefacts have been unearthed by the Archeoclub d’Italia, although some are donations. These pieces of the past really help to provide visitors with a sense of what life was like in prehistoric Puglia, right through to the Middle Ages. Plus, if you’re interested in seeing some of the masterpieces here, be sure to check out the Pinacotecta (Picture Gallery) to see some of the many amazing modern works.

Ceramics Museum Grottaglie

Since Grottaglie is known for its rich history in ceramic making, it’s not hard to see why having a museum dedicated to the craft within this part of Puglia is such a great idea. It is located within Castello Episcopio, a site which you’re likely to want to visit regardless of whether you’re interested in the ceramics museum or not. This castle was once the residence of the archbishop of Taranto and has been restored to offer a view into the history of the area, as well as creating a beautiful setting for the museum.

The museum is divided into several sections, so if you’re more interested in archaeology for example, you may want to focus your time on checking out that part of the site. However, it’s well worth at least taking a look at all the beautiful ceramics here.

Historical locations and landmarks to check out during your tours of Puglia

There are so many amazing areas that you’re likely to want to visit; from ancient roman sites, to ruins of towns from Etruscan times. There’s such a broad range of options for you, and while you may not be able to see them all, it’s at least worth considering visiting a few. Here are some of our top suggestions to help you decide:

  • Walk around Bari, particularly in the historic district, which has buildings from a number of different eras
  • See the trulli huts of Alberobello in person
  • Barletta has a number of beautiful Medieval streets, as well as sites like the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore and (as mentioned earlier) Giuseppe De Nittis Picture Gallery
  • Castel del Monte is a well known landmark here; one that’s absolutely stunning and worth seeing for yourself

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