The 30 Most Beautiful Towns in Puglia

The 30 Most Beautiful Towns in Puglia

If you’re hoping to go on a Puglian adventure, you’re without a doubt going to want to visit some of the incredible towns in the region. But with quite a few different options, you may be unsure of which places to go. Luckily for you, our local experts here at Travel Puglia have put together a quick list of just 30 places that we think you’d love to explore on your Italian getaways in this stunning destination.


One of the region’s two main airports is located in Bari, and most of those going on vacations in Puglia arrive in this city. There’s quite a lot to love about this hotspot, from the ancient sites to the beautiful port, so it’s well worth spending at least one day out of your trip here. A couple of towns you’ll want to see in Bari include:

  1. Altamura
  2. Bari Old Town
  3. Castellana Grotte
  4. Matera
  5. Molfetta


Best known for being a beautiful coastal destination, Brindisi is quite popular among tourists. If you want to enjoy beautiful beaches and incredible landmarks like Chiesa Santa Maria del Casale, Porto di Brindisi, and the Tempio di San Giovanni al Sepolcro, as well as delicious foods and wine, this is the place to be. If all this sounds good to you, make sure you consider paying a visit to areas like:

  1. Carovigno
  2. Cisternino
  3. Fasano
  4. Savelletri
  5. Torre Guaceto


Despite how beautiful the Gargano Peninsula is, it’s a destination that’s often overlooked. This might be because it’s not quite as easy to get to as other areas, but it’s well worth a visit. If you’re looking for some absolutely breathtaking views, lush forests, olive groves, and the best hiking Puglia Italy has to offer, you can’t go wrong. If you do decide to explore Gargano, we’d recommend that you check out these towns:

  1. Carpino
  2. Mattinata
  3. Mont Sant’Angelo
  4. Peschici
  5. Vico del Gargano


Popular for its high-quality olive oil and wines, the Salento Peninsula is must-see destination if you’re interested in checking out some more traditional Puglian vineyards and wineries. There’s also quite a lot more to love about this area too; from tasty street food, to ancient Greek history and landmarks. With all this and so much more, you’ll simply fall in love with any of these towns in Salento:

  1. Galatina
  2. Gallipoli
  3. Lecce
  4. Manduria
  5. Otranto

Valle d’Itria

Most of those who come to Puglia will end up visiting Valle d’Itria. Some of the region’s most popular towns are located here, and since this is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the Puglian lifestyle and culture, we’re confident that you’ll never get tired of exploring the area. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 places you can’t miss in Valle d’Itria:

  1. Alberobello
  2. Ceglie Messapica
  3. Locorotondo
  4. Martina Franca
  5. Ostuni

Coastal towns

There are some amazing towns by the sea, so if you’re looking for a vacation where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, Puglia has got you covered. Here are just a few different ones that you should check out if you want to spend a day soaking up the sun:

  1. Monopoli
  2. Polignano a Mare
  3. Torre Canne
  4. Trani
  5. Vieste

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