Picking the Right Time to Visit Puglia

Picking the Right Time to Visit Puglia

There are several reasons why you might want to spend a vacation in the spectacular Italian region of Puglia; from the delicious foods, to the absolutely magnificent scenery. There’s so much for you to enjoy here, but to make the most of your trip, you’ll need to consider what time of year is ideal. The region may be stunning whatever the weather, but there are a few reasons why you should choose carefully.

Coming to Puglia in the summer

Many individuals opt to go on vacation in Puglia during the sunny summer months to simply enjoy being away from the drab hustle and bustle of everyday life in a warm, beautiful location. With the temperatures often reaching around 86°F in July and August, there will definitely be more than enough heat for everyone to soak up.

This is also when the region gets the most tourists, so those that travel alone won’t be in short supply of companions should they want them, and families with children will likely find playmates aplenty.

Visiting in summer can be ideal for those who plan to relax by the pool for the duration of their vacation, while enjoying a more laid back, traditional way of life.

What are considered to be the best months to stay?

Typically, the weather is considered ideal during May, June, and September – so anyone who plans to explore Puglia may want to visit during these months. April and October are also good options; you might find that it’s a little cooler around these times, and therefore better suited to expeditions and long days out exploring.

The countryside tends to be at its most vibrant during the spring, as this is when flowers begin to bloom and nature is at its finest.

This time of year is often perfect for individuals who want to hike, cycle, or even just walk around the cities and towns of the region, as it’s warm, pretty, and quieter than peak season. The Murgia Plateau is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the area, so you might want to consider checking out this part of Puglia during a spring stay.

Winter fun

November starts to cool down for tourists who don’t mind chilly, but dry vacations – and while winter may have the coldest months of the year, many choose to visit this part of Italy from December through to Feburary for the Carnavale di Putignano. This is the longest festival in the world, beginning on Boxing Day and ending on Shrove Tuesday.

Puglia has so much to offer year-round that enjoying a holiday experience in the cold can be more than ideal for plenty of visitors, so don’t hesitate to consider a trip in months that you may not typically think to book.

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