Is Puglia the Best Part of Italy to Go Hiking?

Is Puglia the Best Part of Italy to Go Hiking?

Are you looking for a chance to enjoy a Puglian adventure? If so, you simply can’t miss out on the opportunity to go hiking in Puglia. While there may be several great spots across the country (and even more variety around the world), there are quite a few areas in this particular region that you’re sure to want to check out during your stay.

Why should you go hiking in Puglia?

For the most part, this region is popular for its stunning beaches and Italian culture – and most of those who decide to spend their vacations in Puglia completely overlook the numerous hiking trails.

Of course, if you do decide to come to this stunning region, you’re likely to want to enjoy the traditional aspects of the area alongside the warm Mediterranean weather and the sea. However, if you consider yourself to be a hiker, you should definitely look into some of the excellent nature walks and paths located here during your stay.

Whether you’re the type of person who loves an adventure or you simply want to get closer to nature and explore the region in all its beauty, we’re certain that there are going to be several Puglia hiking spots that you’ll simply fall in love with.

Best places for hiking Puglia Italy

Want a few examples of areas where you should go for a hike? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Torre Sant’Andrea

This seaside resort is an excellent place to go for a relaxing walk by the sea. The amazing cliffs, stunning views, and clear waters make for a perfect little hike – and afterwards, you can relax on the small beach and really enjoy the weather of the region!


Anybody who’s looking to get closer to nature should consider checking out some of the trails in the Gargano Promontory. Those who are interested in a more active trip simply can’t miss the opportunity to explore the incredible landscape of Gargano.

Il Ciolo

If you’re interested in stunning views along the coast, this path in Gagliano del Capo could be exactly what you’re looking for. This trail has so much to offer; from a chance to learn more about the local fauna, to checking out the various caves that are situated in the area.

Torre Uluzzo

Explore some amazing land and underwater landscapes along this cliff and check out the remains of an ancient costal tower while you’re here. Torre Uluzzo is another great location to go for a small hike, especially if you’re interested in historic sites. Even if you’re not, the beautiful tower and amazing views of the coast are sure to make a trip here more than worth it.

There are some other excellent trails for you to check out too, these are just a few examples of great areas for hiking Puglia Italy has to offer.

Explore the region

During your stay, make sure that you take some time to get to know Puglia. Italian getaways in this destination have the potential to be absolutely incredible, and this is mostly thanks to the culture and scenery. Be sure to visit areas like Ostuni and Polignano a Mare if you’re interested in spending time in a town by the sea, or perhaps visit a museum and see some of the ancient sites in Lecce.

Of course, another great way to immerse yourself in the region is to taste local dishes and wines. There are plenty of incredible Puglian meals that you’re going to want to try, and a wide variety of wines, too.

If you take the time to truly get to know Puglia, we’re certain that you won’t regret it – and that’s why we offer our expertise on the region to provide some of the best tours around Puglia.

Interested in small group tours of Puglia?

Here at Travel Puglia, we care about providing each and every one of our clients with the perfect vacation – and if you’re planning on visiting Puglia in 2021, we’re certain that we could help you. Come with us as we explore the region together, immerse yourself in the Puglian lifestyle, and above all else, have a vacation that you’re sure to remember for years to come.

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