How to Make the Most Out of Wine Tours in Puglia

How to Make the Most Out of Wine Tours in Puglia

Puglia is a destination that has a lot to offer is visitors, and while it has been growing in popularity, most tourists still don’t know the full extent of its attraction. There’s simply so much to love, and we’d like to highlight the region’s history and excellence in winemaking, as well as show you a few wines that you might want to try on your vacations in Puglia.

If you’re thinking of going on wine tours in Puglia, it might be worth taking the time to look closer into what’s on offer and why this is the perfect place for any connoisseurs to go for their Italian getaways.

The beauty of Puglian wines

If you try enough varieties of wine from this region, you’ll find that they all have a unique, distinct taste to them. One reason for this is because of the flavor of Pugliese grapes. Most people find these to be broad and flavorsome, which absolutely anyone is sure to appreciate.

Another reason why the wines here can be so recognizable is because Puglia actually has the ideal environment for vineyards to thrive. The warm and dry Mediterranean climate and seaside breeze all play an important role, as well as the fertile soil and plenty of sunny days. As you can imagine, all of this certainly has an effect on the final result.

Why choose Puglia wine tours?

Of course, one of the key reasons why you’ll want to go exploring wineries and vineyards in Puglia is for the wines. There are some incredible bottles that you could try; from the classic Primitivo di Manduria, to Salice Salentino. Just take a look at a Puglia wine map if you want a better idea of what the region has to offer.

For many people though, it’s not just the wine. A large part of the fun for those planning a vacation is the experience itself. For example, you might want to head south to some of the Salento vineyards, do a spot of wine tasting in the area, see some sights, and get a meal at a local restaurant. There’s so much more to a wine tour than just buying and drinking wine; especially in a beautiful location like Puglia.

The fact that there are a variety of options available to you should give you an idea of just how perfect a tour of this type can be, not just for connoisseurs, but anyone who wants to enjoy their next vacation in a way they’ve probably never experienced before.

Puglia has been producing excellent wines far longer than you may know

Despite the fact that Puglia hasn’t been globally recognized for its wine for as long as Tuscany has (or other parts of the country), it has a rich history in producing some of the best varieties in Italy. Today, many wine aficionados across the world will agree that this region has something special to offer.

A little-known fact about Puglia is that it actually produces more wine than any of its brothers, sisters, or neighbors. In fact, Pugliese grapes alone contribute to around 17% of Italy’s overall wine production.

One of the main reasons why Puglian wines have grown in popularity and become more mainstream in recent years is because of the many international awards that have been won.

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