Explore the Many Wonders of Gargano, Puglia

Explore the Many Wonders of Gargano, Puglia

There are countless places in Puglia that you’re certain to want to visit during a range of Italian getaways – with some of the most common examples of this being areas like Ostuni, Lecce, and Polignano a Mare to name a few. While these are some excellent destinations, there are many more that could be a perfect addition to your vacations in Puglia.

Gargano in particular is a location that has a lot to offer, and it’s often considered to be the best destination for hiking Puglia Italy has to offer. If you’re hoping to make the most out of your time here, we’re certain that you’ll want to pay this stunning part of Puglia a visit.

What makes Gargano worth checking out?

As a mountainous sub-region of Foggia, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, you’re likely to find that there’s nothing quite like a visit to this breathtaking location. From the beauty of nature, to the views of the ocean; you’re sure to be left in awe. If you want to enjoy an amazing Puglia hiking experience, this may be one of the best parts of the region to do just that.

There’s simply so much to love, even outside of the natural beauty and hiking opportunities. For example, the shoreline is fantastic, giving you an excellent opportunity to take in the sunshine and beautiful Mediterranean climate during your visit.

The Gargano National park

This large protected nature reserve was established in 1991, and it’s still an incredible location today. Covering more than 300000 acres of varying terrain and small towns, it’s certainly a great spot for hiking in Puglia and immersing yourself in the Puglian lifestyle. There are a few areas that you might want to visit in this park, regardless of how you want to spend your time here.

5 great examples of places to visit in the Gargano National Park include:

Monte Sant’Angelo

This small town is located in the hills on the Gargano promontory, with stunning views overlooking the gulf of Manfredonia. The whole town became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, and it’s best known for being home to the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo.

The Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands is an archipelago made up of 5 small islands, and they’re located just 20km away from Gargano’s Northern coast. Whether you want to see them from a distance as you explore Gargano or want to make the effort to stop by, you’re sure to be blown away.


A small village located within Foggia, Peschici is a popular seaside resort thanks to its marina and many Blue Flag awards. It’s easily one of the region’s finest tourist destinations, so don’t miss out on the chance to come here when you’re visiting Puglia in 2021.

Umbra Forest

The greenery of Gargano is absolutely breathtaking, but one of the best parts of this destination’s national park is Umbra Forest. Known as Foresta Umbra in Italian, this area is just perfect for getting away from civilization and enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature. With its beauty, it’s not hard to see why it’s the best for hiking Puglia Italy has in store.


Located within Foggia and the National Park, this small town has been awarded multiple Blue Flags by the Foundation for Environmental Education for its amazing coastline and waters. So, if you’re hoping to take a break to relax by the sea during your trek, this is the place to be.

Make the most out of your Puglian adventure with us

Whether you’re looking for Puglian wine tours or adventure tours in Gargano, you can rest assured that our team here at Travel Puglia have a trip that’s just right for you. Our tours around Puglia have so much to offer, which is one of the main reasons why we’re often considered to be one of the most sought-after travel companies in the area.

We have several Puglian tours for you to check out, each one offering you a chance to experience the beauty of this region in a different way. Want to try some cultural meals? Visit the best Puglian vineyards? Enjoy the best hiking Puglia Italy has to offer? Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. So, why not get in touch with us to find out more? We’d be happy to tell you about our tours of Puglia and what we could do for you.


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