Different Types of Vacations You Could Enjoy in Puglia

Different Types of Vacations You Could Enjoy in Puglia

While Puglia may not be the best known of Italy’s regions, it’s a destination that holds a lot of potential for those looking for an amazing vacation. Whether you’re interested in a relaxing Italian getaway or perhaps an opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditional Puglian lifestyle, you’ll find that it’s easy to do quite a few things in this beautiful destination.

Because of this, we’d like to go over just a few of the different types of trips that you could enjoy here. Hopefully, if you’re planning on visiting Puglia in 2021, this will give you a better idea of what to do during your stay.

5 types of vacations in Puglia

While there are a broad range of things that you could see and do on your trip to Puglia, here are just a few different types of vacations that you may want to consider before you jump on an airplane:

  1. Romantic trips

If you didn’t already know, Italy is an excellent destination for romantic getaways – and Puglia is certainly a good example of this. Whether you’re hoping to spend your anniversary in this beautiful location or you’re thinking of getting married in Puglia, you won’t regret choosing this particular part of Italy to visit with your partner. A few excellent destinations for maximum romance include:

  • Alberobello
  • Arco delle Meravigile
  • Polignano a Mare

You’ll find that everything on offer, from the food and wine to the scenery, combines to create the perfect romantic atmosphere for almost anyone.

  1. Vacations by the beach

This region is known for its beautiful coast, so if you’re searching for the best place to eat some fantastic gelato and enjoy beautiful views of the sea while relaxing on soft sand under the sun, look no further. A few great beaches include:

  • Grotta della Poesia
  • Lama Monachile
  • Santa Maria al Bagno

There are also some gorgeous coastal towns that you could visit too while you’re at it, like Gallipoli and Ostuni. Overall, you’ll find that this is one of the best Italian regions for a vacation by the sea.

  1. Hiking in Puglia

While not quite as popular as other features of the region (the beaches, historic points of interest, and locally produced fine wines generally take the top spots), you’ll find that there are several excellent areas for hiking here. Puglia hiking is certainly something that attracts countless holidaymakers; especially if they’re hoping to see some breathtaking sights during their visit. Here are some of the best areas for hiking Puglia Italy has to offer:

  • Gargano
  • Salento
  • Serracapriola
  1. Family vacations

If you want to go somewhere with the kids, you’ll find that Puglia is also an excellent destination for family fun. If you think that the beautiful traditional towns and beaches won’t be enough to keep your little ones entertained, perhaps consider checking out some of the many other sites that are located around the region, such as:

Grotte di Castellana

Il Parco dei Dinosauri

ZooSafari Fasanolandia

  1. Luxurious Italian getaways

If you’re looking to enjoy the high life during your trip, you may be interested in trying some of the classic wines and regional delicacies that can only be found in high-end restaurants, the beautiful scenery around the region, and the pricier villas that are available for rent. Some areas that could be perfect for this particular type of Puglian vacation include:

  • Bari
  • Brindisi
  • Monopoli

While more affluent-orientated vacations may set you back by quite a chunk of money, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy yourself as you splash some cash for a once in a lifetime luxurious getaway.

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