Can I Go to Restaurants In Puglia During My Holiday?

Can I Go to Restaurants In Puglia During My Holiday?

There’s no denying that food is an important part of Italy. There are simply so many tasty dishes and even regional differences of the same meals. While not usually the main focus of a trip, the unique flavors that this part of the Mediterranean has to offer can play a role in how much you enjoy your vacation.

With how devastating Covid has been you may be unsure of what your options are, especially when eating out. Luckily for you, our team of experts here at Travel Puglia are here to give you all the info you need before booking a vacation to Puglia in 2021.

What are your options for dining in Puglia right now?

Anyone who wants to make the most of their Italian getaways is likely to want to try some of the traditional foods of the country. Chances are, Puglia is no different for you.

Despite the fact that the pandemic has disrupted normal life for many of us, you’ll be glad to hear that the restrictions in this particular region aren’t too heavy – and while there is a limit to how many people are allowed inside a restaurant, you shouldn’t have much of an issue finding somewhere to eat.

For those who want to enjoy their tours of Puglia to the fullest, this is going to be great news. The variety of delicious cultural foods are a crucial part of the Puglian lifestyle and in many ways, an Italy tour that excludes trips to local eateries just won’t be the same.

What restrictions are in place?

If you’re wondering whether restaurants are going to be open for business during your stay, you might be interested in learning a little more about what you’ll be able to do during your vacations in Puglia.

Fortunately for anyone who wants to have a Puglian adventure, this region is currently classified as a ‘white zone’. Essentially, the color of the zone indicates how strict the safety precautions are, with red zones being highly governed and white having the most freedom.

The fact that Puglia is a white zone means that there are only a few regulations to adhere to – all of which are implemented for the safety of citizens and travelers alike. They’re not too imposing either, making it even easier to enjoy your tours around Puglia.

What else can you do in Puglia?

Being in the white zone gives you the chance to do the things you would normally do on vacation, but with the standard Covid safety rules on top (such as wearing a mask and keeping your distance from others). Here are a few examples of what’s open at the moment:

  • Amusement parks
  • Bars, pubs, restaurants, etc.
  • Casinos and betting shops
  • Fitness and spa centers
  • Sporting events

While this is far from all that’s on offer, knowing that the basics are open and operating can assure you that a holiday isn’t likely to be wasted.

Are guided tours of Puglia Italy worth it?

Those who are looking to reap the full benefits from their time in this beautiful part of Italy might want to consider going on a professionally scheduled trip. In general, escorted tours of Puglia Italy can be incredible, providing visitors with a comprehensive experience of the region that would be all but impossible to get otherwise. For this reason, it’s well worth looking into what Puglian tours are on offer.

When you choose a good tour company, you’ll have an itinerary that ensures not a second of your stay is wasted. The best providers will include relaxation time as well as fun elements to balance your trip – and even if it’s just a 4 day tour of Puglia you’re booking in for, you won’t feel like you’ve missed anything out.

Our team here at Travel Puglia are undoubtedly one of the leading operators in the industry, having many years of experience and a rich understanding of the region. Alongside our luxurious accommodation, various tour options and much more, we’re certain that you’ll have the perfect trip.

If you’re interested in learning more about what our team could do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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