Best Spots for Puglia Hiking In Gargano

Best Spots for Puglia Hiking In Gargano. When you choose to spend your Italian getaways in a region like Puglia, you’ll often find that there’s a wide range of things to see and do. If you’re someone who enjoys getting closer to nature, you might want to try hiking in Puglia. While there are several great spots for Puglia walking tours, many will find Gargano to be one of the best in the region for trekking.

Here’s a closer look into some of the things you could do in Gargano Italy during your Puglian adventure.

Why pay a visit to Gargano, Italy?

Located on the spur of Italy, Gargano is the perfect destination to visit for several reasons. Whether you’re interested in the natural beauty of the Gargano National Park or the beaches, most visitors will find that this one area has quite a lot to offer. Mostly, this area is popular for being an excellent place for a budget beach vacation, but it’s also fantastic for those who want a Puglia hiking trip.

Unlike some of the more commonly visited parts of Puglia, Gargano offers a unique and diverse landscape for you to explore, which is one of the main reasons why this destination can be perfect for any Puglia walking tours.

A fun fact that you may not know; Gargano is actually a popular summer spot for Italians for their vacations in Puglia. The natural area is mostly unspoiled, although there are a few seaside resorts and towns to explore. Since it’s usually not a common tourist destination, it can generally be a great place to go if you’re looking to get away from the crowds.

Areas like Vieste, on the Adriatic coast of Italy, offer beautiful views for those who visit. Other destinations, like Peschici and Vico del Gargano for example, can also be worth exploring during your Puglian tours.  

It might not be one of the most popular parts of Puglia, but those who don’t visit could be missing out on a fantastic chance to see a different side of the region.

Gargano National Park, Italy

For the best Puglia hiking experience, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to visit the Gargano National Park. If you didn’t know, most of the area is part of the National Park, with beautiful towns, stunning coastal views, large forests, and more all waiting for you.

Most will agree that because this is the best place for hiking Gargano – and with the fantastic scenery and trails to explore, it’s not hard to see why.

If you do decide to come to the Gargano National Park during your vacation, there’s no doubt that you’ll love a stroll through Foresta Umbra – a stunning nature reserve located right in the heart of the park. Fans of nature trails are certain to fall in love with Foresta Umbra, so it really can be worth the visit.

If you’re interested in going hiking in Puglia, be sure to take a look at some Gargano maps to see what some of your options are before your stay.

The Gargano peninsula, Italy

If you’re looking for some of the best beaches, Gargano peninsula has you covered. This is perfect for anyone who wants to take a break and simply relax in the beautiful Italian weather during their Puglian tours. Here are a few beaches in Gargano that you might want to pay a visit to:

  • Cento Scalini o Tufare Beach (Vico del Gargano)
  • Zaiana Beach (Peschici)
  • Nattinatella Beach (Mattinata)

Want the best walking tours Puglia Italy has to offer?

Whether you’re interested in the best hiking spot Puglia has to offer or relaxing Italian getaways by the sea, Gargano is well worth the visit. If you’re hoping to make the most out of your tours of Puglia, you might want to come on a trip with Travel Puglia.

When you come on one of our tours around Puglia, you can rest assured knowing that you’re going to have a great time. With a few different itineraries on offer too, you can make sure that you pick a trip that suits your needs. If you’re visiting Puglia in 2022, why not get in touch to find out more about what we could do for you?

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