20 Things to See and Do During a Holiday In Puglia

20 Things to See and Do During a Holiday In Puglia

Puglia is a location full of amazing sites, locations and activities – all of which you could enjoy if you come on a visit to this stunning region. With such a variety of options though, you might be wondering what you should do during your holiday, since there’s only so much you can enjoy in a short space of time.

We’ll take you around to many of these amazing places on our Puglian tours, but regardless of whether you come with us or not, you’re sure to want to check out these 20 things to see and do during Italian getaways in Puglia.

1: Trulli huts – One of the most popular parts of the region is Alberobello, simply because of the fantastic trulli huts that are situated here – and we’re certain that you’ll want to see them for yourself.

2: Polignano a Mare – if you’re hoping to visit a classic Puglian town, complete with iconic white-washed homes and a beautiful shore line, a trip to the fantastic area of Polignano a Mare should definitely make its way onto your itinerary.

3: Try Puglian foods – No matter where you are in the region, you’ll find a place offering something tasty to eat, whether it’s a light snack from a food stand or a 3-course meal at a 5-star restaurant.

4: Castellana Caves – Located in Bari, this underground cave system is absolutely stunning and has plenty to see and explore (we’d suggest Wolf Cave and Desert Corridor).

5: Puglia hiking – There are a number of great spots for this activity (244, to be exact), such as Valle d’Itria and the Trajan Way to Ostuni. Of course, there are many more paths you could take, all with varying difficulties, but they’re all worth checking out if you want to spend some time hiking in Puglia.

6: Castel del Monte – One of the region’s most popular landmarks, this fortress stands tall and impressive atop a hill, offering visitors a unique and interesting way to spend their time here.

7: Terra delle Gravine Natural Park – Anyone who’s hoping to have an exciting Puglian adventure should consider paying a visit to the canyons of Terra delle Gravine Natural Park – and if you come for a visit, you’ll see why.

8: Gargano coast – If you want some time to relax and enjoy beautiful sights and scenery, take a drive (or even a walk!) along the Gargano coast in Foggia.

9: Olivetani Monastery – This monastery is a beautiful landmark, with amazing architecture, many pieces of art to check out and a citrus garden outside.

10: Salento vineyards – One of the main areas of wine production in Puglia, a trip to Salento is a must for anyone who wants to try some regional classics, as well as get to know the places where they are made.

11: Poetry Cave – With Big Poetry and Small Poetry (two caves without roofs that are connected to the sea), this is a great place to relax, dip your toes in the water and enjoy a few hours by the coast.

12: The Ionian Dolphin Conservation Centre – Located in Taranto, this site is perfect if you want to get up close and personal with these fantastic mammals.

13: Cooking classes – If you want to learn how to make some delicious traditional Puglian meals, it might be worth taking a culinary lesson with a local expert.

14: Gargano forest – Take the opportunity to get closer to nature and see the wonderful flora and fauna of this part of Puglia; you won’t regret it.

15: The Roman Amphitheatre in Lecce – Whether you come to watch one of the events hosted here or just see the ancient site, this landmark is more than worth a visit.

16: Locorotondo vineyards – Another great place to learn more about the wine made here in Puglia is Locorotondo. If you want to do some wine tasting on your trip, it’s worth noting that this area is famous for wines like Verdeca and Negramaro.

17: Monopoli – This location is a great place for history fans, with sites like the Monopoli Cathedral open to tourists. There’s also the stunning seafront promenade and the sandy beach if you want to relax by the shore.

18: Gallipoli – Situated on a small island that’s connected to the mainland by an old bridge (dating back to the 16th century), this is another spectacular place for history lovers to check out during their holidays in Puglia.

19: The Cathedral in Altamura – One of the most beautiful cathedrals in the area, this landmark is simply fantastic and well worth checking out if you find yourself in or nearby Altamura.

20: Matera – A truly enchanting city, Matera is a place where you’ll find yourself in awe almost everywhere you step. From the magnificent sights to the buildings here, there is just so much that makes this area worth visiting.

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